IntelliHealth Service Provider
Smart Preventive Care
IntelliHealth provides performance enhancement and injury prevention tools as proactive and preventive care services for healthy active lifestyle.
If body posture, balance and motion of daily active lifestyle are of concern, smart preventive care provides services to get ready health records up to date using easy steps:
  • Secure Personalized data center allows storing all measurements of related activities during daily active lifestyle.
  • If the daily routine activities is not normal, preventive care tools assist to become active based on 30 minutes duration protocols under the guidance of relevant experts. 
  • Comprehensive reports are automatically generated with no additional cost.
Smart Reality Clinic
IntelliHealth guides you to monitor your health recovery classification and current status by establishing resident health pattern storage using smart wearable intergrated sensor suits .
Your injury recovery is crucial to come back to active daily lifestyle. We will measure progressive recovery percentage using the following tools;
  • Secure personlized wrist band data centre using wearable wireless sensor suit.
  • Integrated tiny muscle detector of damaged tiny muscle areas in relevant muscles up to mm2.
  • Comprehesive visualization reports are automatically generated in real time, using Interactive Graphical User Interface (IGUI) interfaced to smart reality clinical tools with no additional cost.
Smart Transient Tools
IntelliHealth guarantees life long active daily life style by storing transient health pattern set for real time biofeedback visualization in order to intervene health professionals during critical stages of abnormal health pattern sets.
IntelliHealth provides services not only for today, it is about health and wellbeing throughout the life. Wearable transient tools assure periodic monitoring of recovery stages upon the injury treatment so that returning to healthy active lifestyle is guaranteed within shortest possible time frame using the following tools:
  • Wearable transient Operating System for transient health pattern data set.
  • Personalized Recovery Progress Analysis and Classification using artifical intelligent techniques in order to validate resident pattern storage in which historical pre-injury, post-injury and recovery data were stored/established or to be established in case new health pattern data set found.
  • Real time biofeedback control using Motion-on-Chip (MoC)